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Transitioning your wardrobe from Summer to Fall. Here are our Fall wardrobe essentials.

by Zack Evar |

Summer to fall wardrobe transition

Transitioning to your fall wardrobe can seem like a hassle, but it is very much necessary. Now that fall is here, you'll want to focus on staying warm, dry, and most of all LAYERING. Fall fashion looks much more stylish than summer’s shorts and flip-flops, so get excited! Layering and using different patterns and textures is fun, and gives us more individuality.


Fall is coming and so are drizzles and chilly winds, so the first thing you might want to look at are jackets. Make sure to have a light jacket with you, you can always take it off if it's too warm! The only downside is the dragging them around when you are not wearing them part. Nevertheless, lugging around something you don’t need at the moment is far more convenient than not carrying it, and then shaking in your shoes. Jackets are beautifully diverse and one can be found for any occasion. When it is obvious that a quick shower or a drizzle might come down at any time, a waxed jacket or windbreaker is perfect for the occasion. In the case of the temperature dropping drastically while you are out, a harrington or a leather jacket might prove to be the better option. Lastly, if you need to elevate your look a bit, pick a neutral colored blazer to match nearly any color combo. 


Footwear might be just as important as a good jacket where fall comforts are concerned, with the degree of importance only rising as the rainy season comes closer. Canvas shoes and sandals need to be put away for next year to make room for some warmer leather footwear and waterproof sneakers. Lastly, it needs to be said, a good men’s fall wardrobe needs to have both formal and casual shoes ready for any occasion. Invest in a solid pair of leather boots. The price tag may seem high, but you'll have these for years and they look great as they age. Guys, don't skimp on your shoes.


Although not for everyone, hats can hold a vital spot in many men’s fall wardrobes. Fall is the time when you take your baseball caps, put them out to pasture, and upgrade to something more suitable for the chillier weather. Luckily, for those into headwear, autumn is the sweet spot. The slightly cold, but not freezing weather is perfect for sporting almost any hat type. Many men, as per recent fashion, like to sport a nice little head-hugger called a beanie, which in hot summer temperatures is much more a torture device than headwear. 


When shirts are in question, especially dress shirts, transitioning to fall wardrobe doesn’t require that much of an effort. Your work would be half-done the second you put your loose-fitting t-shirts away. Every man has his own individual view on undershirts, some like simply using their t-shirts for layering instead, but all the same an important article to mention for the coming cold weather. Then, all that is left is to add some long sleeved apparel to your closet, from simple long sleeved t-shirts to men’s sweaters. With that, you are finished with this section of your apparel. An important matter to remember though is that the before-mentioned jackets can exhibit their shine exactly here in combination with shirts and sweaters. By combining them you get layers for wind protection and a convenient way to peel down some clothes in public in case of unexpected warmer weather.


As much as taste can be considered a preference, there are simply some pants that set the standard. Those are the denim jeans, khakis, and dress pants. Then there are multiple kinds of fits, like the skinny fit, the straight fit, and
many others, combined with other optional accessories like pockets and zippers. Any fall wardrobe should consist of at least one pair of dress pants, or some suitable variation, for the occasional wedding or dinner-date. For everything
else, jeans set the standard, they fit practically for any situation, although some workplaces might frown upon wearing them during working hours. Lastly, some khakis or chinos might be a good idea to break off the monotony every now and again.

Comprehensive list:

-Wind and rain resistant jacket.
-Casual jacket; Something along the lines of a Harrington or a leather jacket.
-Formal jacket; Men’s blazer, sports jacket or suit jacket, ideal to own at least one of those.

-Waterproof shoes; Something that will allow you not to have to wait for the rain to stop.
-Comfortable shoes; A good pair of Sneakers.
-Formal shoes; Preferably something made of leather, for fancier occasions.

-Long- sleeved t-shirts; For more casual outings.
-Men’s shirts; Because nothing presents you as a more serious individual than a long column of buttons.
-Sweaters; Good for both business and private purposes, ideal for keeping warm. Essential for layering.

-Casual pants; Something you find comfortable wearing at home or among friends, like jeans.
-Work pants; Better fitting jeans or chinos.
-Formal pants; At the best of times, a good, new pair of suit pants that you can match with a long-
sleeved shirt and your nice Italian leather shoes.

Additional accessories:

-Scarves; To protect your neck from the chilling wind, or even as a fashion statement.
-Socks; It’s that time of the year when you have to start wearing warmer socks again.

-Sunglasses; Because fortunately the sun still shines, sunglasses are still needed throughout autumn.
-Watches; Where summer can prove too warm for wrist accessories, fall provides you with the
perfect conditions.
-Backpack/messenger bag.

There are all kinds of fads and fashion trends popping out on daily basis and nobody can stop you
from customizing your own fall wardrobe in whichever way you like. Do beards count as accessories? Grow one out to keep your face warm, but please keep it clean with some beard conditioner! Learn how to groom your hip beard!

We hope that this article might prove useful in the more fundamental outlines, laying out the essentials for a guys fall wardrobe. Happy Fall!

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