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Instagram Affiliate Program

Get free stuff. Earn cash.


What is Beau Brummell for Men?

Beau Brummell for Men is a boutique men's skin care & personal care brand that specializes in high end products formulated specifically for the needs of a man's routine. For more information about the brand and the work we do, check out our About Us page. To learn more about who Beau Brummell was, visit the Who Was Beau Brummell page.

What is this affiliate program?

We started this affiliate program to help share our brand across social madia platforms, utilizing influential persons to drive the message.

What is expected from me?

Influential persons that we partner with will be expected to post a picture of themselves using their Beau Brummell product, along with a short description explaining the product and a unique promo code that will be generated for each participant. The promo code will be a 20% off code that will work on and on our website, Our Instagram account, @beaubrummellformen, should be tagged in your post.

Beau Brummell reserves the right to use re-post your photo to our Instagram account or to use it in our advertising efforts.

What do I get in return?

Each participant will receive any Beau Brummell product of his or her choosing, shipped to your door, free of charge. In addition, participants will receive a 25% commission on all sales that originate from traffic that you drove to our website or to our Amazon shop. The commission period will begin when your Instagram post goes live and will continue for 30 days.

How does the commission system work?

30-days after your initial Instagram post goes live, you will receive a report detailing sales that included your unique promo code. A check or PayPal payment will be made to you in the amount equating to 25% of the gross sales attributed to your promotional efforts, not including taxes and shipping fees.