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The Watch Dossier: A Guide To Understanding High-End Watches

Being a watch enthusiast requires a lot of knowledge. Thanks to the internet you can gather most of this information on your own with a great deal of accuracy. However, it never hurts to have a guide that allows you to understand wristwatches and their functionality in terms that are less technical and give you a general overview of what to expect with the number of options that are present out there. Classic accessory and choosing the right one will always be beneficial for you and your overall look no matter the occasion. Let’s begin our brief journey!

The Movements of the Inner Machinery

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The encasing of the watch is very important when it comes to design and durability but what’s inside of it is what is more crucial to the life to the accessory since it’s considered the central system of it. There are three documented types of movement for the inner machinery of a watch: mechanical, automatic and quartz. The key differences between them are explained as it follows:

  • The mechanical watch is the one whose movements and time settings are managed manually by a coil wire that is 9 to 13 inches long. The process to handle the wire is called mainspring and is meant to give the watch an extended power reserve. This is one of the oldest mechanism know to function watches and these days is mostly reserved for collector pieces and custom made pieces with vintage designs.
  • The automatic watch is powered by the movements of your wrist. Their working mechanism is based on the mechanical principles but no wire is needed to wind the watch. Instead of it, a small rotor located inside the watch keeps the winding mechanism in self-motion at all moments as long as you keep in your hand in movement. They are also lined with a slipping clutch that prevents over wounding while the watch is worn.
  • The quartz watch is the most common mechanism used these days, even by some of the most exclusive wristwatches brands around the world. Since it was introduced in 1969 it has become the default mechanism by many watches pretty much everywhere. It doesn’t hurt that the mechanism is very cheap to produce with common components. Those in the high-end spectrum rely on custom made parts manufactured with exclusive materials. The mechanism is powered by electric batteries and it’s been proven to be the most reliable method to keep track of time.

A Brief Compilation of Watches Styles

There have never been so many options out there to choose the right wristwatch. From technological wonders on the digital spectrum to tactical options that are chock-full of features that most of us would understand. Since we are aiming for functionality and a great look to compliment your wardrobe, we’ll discard digital options off this list and give you a list of styles that go well with your best outfits. Take notice of some of them:

  • The Dress Watch

mens watches ambassador watch dress watch timepiece mens jewelry

The dress watch was created in the early 20th century as the practical evolution of the pocket watch and their designs are all about minimalism and functionality. These watches are not flashy at all, however, they manage to draw attention solely based on their classic features.

Dress watches are typically thin and easy to cover with your shirt cuffs, the case is mostly circular, but there are some designs that go out of the comfort zone. The front face displays hour, minutes and second indexes.

Most of the time they use roman numbering to signal the hours, but most complex designs go for a 4 sing quadrant or a system of lines and points to mark the hours and minutes.

With a case made of stainless steel, the wristband on these men’s watches are made of leather most of the time but there is also the choice to use a metal one on some of them. They are reserved for special occasions when a suit and a tie are needed.

  • The Field Watch

It’s a special watch designed to track down coordinated activities on specific time periods, it was created in 1946, one year into World War 2 and it used to be standard military equipment until digital options were introduced in the field many years later.

The design had a lasting power on the mind of soldiers and it became a staple accessory that given its design can be worn for casual activities as well as formal events. The field watch has a medium sized frame with a front face that has numerical indexes that are easy to understand at first sight.

The case is made of stainless steel or titanium which makes them a bit more expensive and the wristband is made of leather given the original purpose of these types of watches.

  • The Dive Watch

These model of watches where lured straight out of science fiction after being mentioned for the first time in the “Dr. No” novel written by Ian Fleming in 1957. Previously to that dive watches where strictly military equipment issued by Rolex since 1930, as the name implies these watches can withstand water pressures and they are built to be resistant to any kind of water splash.

The manufacturing of these watches is mostly handled by industrial processes since it requires that the cases on them are hermetically sealed. Their size tends to lean toward big to medium and their face front is bold with easy to read numerals.

These models of wristwatches were one of the first ones to use sapphire minerals to cast the front glass, a feature that has become a standard issue even in the cheapest watches released by any company these days. They are always made of metal and have a bulky frame since they were originally designed to be worn under extreme conditions.

  • The Pilot Watch

There are two ways to go when it comes to pilot watches: the racing models or the aviator models. They both share a number of features that make them common acquaintances such as the use of a chronograph. The main distinction between them is the fact that pilot watches do not have a unique look to them as the other options on the list while racing models have retained their unique features since 1930 when they were introduced.

Pilot watches have a large frame and they are designed for easy reading on any type of piloting cockpit. Racing watches have large dials and contrasting colors to make them easy to read in speed motions. They are both lined with stainless steel and their wristbands can be either made of leather or metal to accommodate the needs of the pilot.

These are some of the most expensive watches out there if they are to be used for their actual purpose, but there are a lot of models out there based on these designs manufactured just to enhance a good wardrobe. The brilliance of these watches is that they can also be customized with vintage watch straps from Paul Twice if you're looking for some way to make your watch more personal.

With this little guide, we hope you can manage to identify the types of watch out there. Ambassador is a new player offering some of the best looking dressing watches in the market with clean designs inspired on vintage sensibilities. You can check their product on their main website. The heritage line has something to offer to everyone for any occasion

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