• Hand Repair Lotion + Walnut Hand & Foot Scrub

    Handsome Hands Bundle

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    Handsome Hands Bundle

    The Handsome Hands Bundle features two hand care products which work better when used together regularly.

    Our walnut hand & foot scrub is the ultimate way to keep your hands and feet feeling clean and looking attractive. Frequent exfoliation is the key to removing unsightly dead skin and surface dirt. When washing isn’t enough, experience the power of Beau Brummell’s Walnut Hand & Foot Scrub. Pulverized walnut shell, pumice, and oat flour effectively remove dead skin and dirt, revealing a fresh, vibrant layer of healthy skin. A variety of natural oils leave a smooth, conditioned feel, so you can stay handsome, like a true gentleman.

    Our Hand Repair Lotion conditions the skin and maintains a healthy moisture level without the greasy after effect. Our hands are important; we use them with nearly every action we perform, which leaves them susceptible to increased dryness and callousing. Activated charcoal absorbs toxins, purifying your skin. Shea butter, glycerin and avocado oil work together to add just the right amount of moisture. With regular use, even the toughest hands will be transformed into soft, healthy, attractive hands, so you can stay handsome, like a true gentleman.