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why activated charcoal is good for your skin beau brummell

Benefits of Charcoal for Your Skin

Who doesn’t like getting dirty with charcoal? And as it turns out, my obsession with this black powdery substance has many benefits for my skin too.
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The Importance of Water

Water. Is there anything we take for granted more? In the world of skin care and cosmetics, we understand the importance of water. We all want to look moisturized and have supple dewy skin. We buy creams, lotions, moisturizers, and face wash, stuff that includes charcoal for men's skin, but we often forget to drink enough water during the day and hydrate our bodies from within.
Beau Brummell activated charcoal

Why Use Activated Charcoal?

Why use activated charcoal? Grey is the new black… at least when it comes to men’s skin care. Here's why this ingredient is all the rage in men's skin care.